Privacy Policy

Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics, a service that collects and manages data, to measure the number of visits and the usage of the site. We use this service only to gain insight into and improve your user experience and functionality on the website through aggregated data.

We do not use cookies for advertising purposes (i.e., we do not use the advertising and remarketing features of Google Analytics and therefore do not collect any data for this purpose).

Learn more about Google’s privacy policy here:


Data collected through Google Analytics is done using so-called cookies. A cookie is a text file that is stored on your computer. Data collected through these cookies is sent to Google’s servers and stored for 26 months from the date you visited the website. Examples of data collected are general information such as: language in your browser, which pages you visited on the website, type of device you use and its resolution etc.

The collected data is anonymous and cannot be connected to you (i.e., your ip address is anonymised before being stored in Google Analytics).

Learn more about Google’s general privacy policy here:

Learn more about Google Analytics’ use of cookies here:

Learn more about IP anonymization here:

Please note that you are entitled to opt-out and prevent Google Analytics from collecting and using your data.

For this, Google has a tool that you can find here:


We use a WordPress plugin, called MonsterInsights, on the website that displays the data fetched through Google Analytics.

Collected data (as described under ”Cookies”) is only used to display aggregate statistics for the website and no data is passed on to third parties.

Read more about MonsterInsight’s privacy policy here:

Wordfence (Defiant)

In order for the website to be safe for you to visit we use a WordPress plugin, called Wordfence created by Defiant, to protect the website against hackers.

With normal use of our website, your ip address will not be sent or stored by Wordfence or Defiant.

It is only if you have a usage pattern typical of hackers (eg, attempt to hack our site using manipulated URLs, or attempt to access administrative pages not intended to be accessed by the public etc.) as Wordfence may send your ip address to their servers for security reasons and to improve their service. This data is stored there for 90 days and then removed. If you make repeated and continuous attempts to hack the website, you may be blacklisted and your data may be stored for a longer period than that.

Read more about Wordfence Privacy Policy here:

Read more about Defiant’s Privacy Policy here: