LifeClean is a broad microbicidal disinfectant with sporicidal effect

Up until now, there has been no effective way of eliminating Clostridium difficile spores. LifeClean is a groundbreaking surface disinfectant that shows a very high elimination of Clostridium difficile.

In addition, LifeClean shows full protection against other serious pathogens such as MRSA, ESBL, VRE, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Acinetobacter and Norovirus.



A complete line of products for basic/routine & outbreak disinfection

LifeClean should always be chosen for the elimination of endospores, such as Clostridium difficile. Daily use gives full protection against viruses and multidrug resistant bacteria; it can therefore be used to fulfill the needs of health care providers’ basic hygienic routines.

  • Disinfectant – For basic surface disinfection and decontamination routines

Advantages of LifeClean



Ready to use straight from the bottle

LifeClean is ready to be used straight from the bottle. The solution works both as an all-purpose cleaning solution and as a surface disinfectant for a complete elimination of spores, viruses, and multidrug-resistant bacteria. Please note that LifeClean must not be diluted by any other solution or fluid.


Superior elimination

LifeClean is clinically proven to eliminate Clostridium difficile at short contact times, which is something no other solution on the market can achieve.


More gentle to the environment

LifeClean consists of the traditionally used chemical chlorine dioxide. The solution is in normal quantities harmless for both people and the environment, since chlorine dioxide, unlike chlorine, does not react as easily with other elements and therefore does not form toxic compounds like chlorine. Normal work wear can be used, rooms can be used right after the sanitation process has taken place, and the solution can be flushed through the normal sewage system. The LifeClean solution is proven to not be more harmful than alcohol hand disinfectants when it was tested for toxicological effect on skin cells by Dr. Torbjörn Norén (Örebro University Hospital).


Patent pending product

LifeClean is a unique, patent pending chlorine dioxide based solution.


Less odor

LifeClean smells less than many leading solutions on the market. Decontamination, following the using instruction for small surfaces, can be performed in the presence of patients and staff.


Full effect within 2 minutes

LifeClean’s short contact time facilitates and makes it easier for users to perform their tasks

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LifeClean superior in comparative trials

In the absence of a standardized European test for disinfection of surfaces, a method has been developed at the University Hospital in Orebro in the form of a carrier test with highly concentrated bacterial isolates

and a contact time which is rinsed off with 250 mL NaCl solution and subsequent membrane filtration and spore cultivation. An inoculated surface is mechanically cleaned and standardized and all culture results are compared against a water control.

In every conducted test, LifeClean is showing good eliminating abilities. Comparative trials, with the purpose of reaching a complete spore elimination effect, have been tested with comparable products from the market and with the concentration levels specified by the manufacturers. In all tests LifeClean has shown to be superior.

How does LifeClean work on Clostridium difficile?

Clostridium difficile is an anaerobe, spore creating, intestinal bacteria that may cause mild diarrhea (CDI) as life threatening inflammation on the large intestine. The primary risk group is elderly patients that are treated with antibiotics. Clostridium difficile is one of the toughest spores to kill, since the bacterium is protected by an extremely resilient spore wall (image 1).

It has been noted during repeated scientific testing that when the Clostridium difficile spore comes into contact with LifeClean, the walls of the spore are immediately made thinner by the formula. Within seconds the spore wall begins to burst (image 2), which causes the formula to enter the spore and generates a chemical reaction that stops the bacteria’s ability to grow. When the spore wall has been penetrated by the formula the spore is eliminated by conventional techniques, through the chloride dioxide based gas that kills the bacteria (image 3). All this takes place within 60 seconds.

CDR_Step11. Clostridium difficile’s tough
spore wall protects the bacteria
against e.g. other solutions for
surface sanitation available on
the market


CDR_Step22. During contact with LifeClean
the spore walls are made thinner
immediately, which allows the
formula to enter, and thus the
killing process has begun.


3. The bacterium dies within
60 seconds because of the chlorine
dioxide gas of LifeClean.

Effective against other nosocomial infections

Other Nosocomial infections that can be reduced with the aid of LifeClean ranges from the winter vomit bug to the causative microbe chronic wounds: the pathogens that risk being spread due to a lack of working hygienic

routines are causing both small and great suffering. Multi-drug resistant bacteria is a great problem for health care providers and represents a threat since these infections are often very hard to treat and the effects of antibiotics are many times poor.

Read more on the most common contact contagions that LifeClean has a great effect on, besides Clostridium difficile.

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Environmentally friendly chlorine dioxide based solution

The only existing solutions with some spore eliminating effect, with long contact time, has thus far been hypochlorite based. But use of that substance has decreased, due to its negative impact on the environment such as its corroding effect and strong odor, which makes it difficult to use in areas where patients are present. When we developed the product, we identified chlorine dioxide as the solution. Thanks to a unique combination of additive substances, we managed to create and gain a patent on the LifeClean product.

LifeClean is in normal quantities harmless for both people and the environment, since chlorine dioxide, unlike chlorine, does not react as easily with other elements and therefore does not form any toxic compounds like chlorine. Normal work wear can be used, rooms can be used right after the sanitation process has taken place, and the solution can be flushed through the normal sewage system.

”In conclusion, LifeClean has shown a very good elimination effect on Clostridium difficile spores in extremely concentrated spore suspensions that have stuck to a surface”

Torbjörn Norén


8 simple steps to follow that will reduce the occurrence of hospital acquired infections



Remove any visible contamination and previously applied chemicals.



Apply generous amount of LifeClean solution on a clean cloth and wipe the intended surface. Duration of action within 2 minutes.


Wipe off

After disinfection, wipe off the surface if there’s uncertainty about the material compatibility with the disinfectant solution. Always follow the local routine guidelines.


Rinse off

Rinse off the surfaces with water every now and then.


Personal protection

For personal protection follow the local guidelines.


Close bottle

Close opened bottle and mark with opening day. An opened bottle is valid for 4 weeks from the opening day.


Remaining liquid

Remaining liquid can be poured in the drain, then put the bottle for recycling. Acc. to applicable guidelines, usage of LifeClean Disinfectant is notconsidered dangerous for the health or the environment.


More information

For information regarding personal protection, stability, and material compatibility please look at the actual safety data sheet.

Keep the following in mind

  • LifeClean can always be used according to local hygiene and cleaning regulations.
  • Employees working with our products, in areas with the presence of multidrug-resistant bacteria, must always use protective gloves.
  • Running water or eye-shower(s) must be present and readily available.
  • The product line of LifeClean consists of a unique formulation which must not be diluted or mixed with any other cleaning solution or fluid.